‘Good Pathways’ for the Indigenous in Canberra

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Church Army in Australia recently gave $5,000 to the Yeddung Mura mission headed up by Priestly Obed, senior pastor of Gilmore Church, in the Australian Capital Territory.
Yeddung Mura meansĀ good pathways in Ngunnawal language. Yeddung Mura was initially started to address a number of gaps identified by Aboriginal elders in the community. It is a grassroots organisation that works directly in the community to meet the needs of Aboriginal people. The corporation aims to help relieve disadvantage within the Aboriginal and torres Strait Islander community in the Australia Capital Territory and surrounding region. By partnering with our stakeholders and other agencies, the corporation will provide ‘good pathways’ to clients facing the challenges of: unemployment, homelessness, distress, misfortune, helplessness and hopelessness.
Our guiding principle isĀ ‘Everyone deserves another chance‘. Ultimately, our aim is to bring about positive change in the lives of our clients by instilling a greater sense of purpose and value in them.
To check out the good work ‘Good Pathways’ does, check out their website below.