CEO Update: Canberra Office Closing

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Below is an important update from Church Army in Australia’s CEO, Judy Douglas, regarding the future of Church Army.

Over this winter the staff and board of CA Australia have been working hard to review our communications, finance and administrative functions. Our goal has been to streamline our work to enable financial stability for the future. Our physical office space in Macquarie ACT will be closing at the end of September. We look forward to hearing from you in the following ways:

Email –

Administration phone – 0434 969 091

Judy Douglas (CEO) – or 0427 787 115

Ian Freestone (Board Chair) – or 0417 252 958

I want to thank the staff of the CA national office for their dedication, professionalism and kindness. Justine Slockee has finished her role with us and is now working with Anglicare. Greg Cobcroft and Thomas Rose will finish their current roles with CA at the end of September. All our essential functions will continue in the most financially efficient way possible.

At this stage post September, my ongoing role will be mostly as an honorary CEO but now as ever I’m passionate about more people in Australia hearing about Jesus and learning to live with Him at the centre of life.

The practice of Christians sharing their faith in Jesus with words is fast becoming a lost art. Many Christians feel unable to speak about faith with those around them. I have spent the last few months developing the ‘Propel’ course to help equip Christians so they can converse on topics of faith and relate confidently, growing in their ability to connect people beyond church to Jesus. I’d like to make the most of the time and effort we have put into developing this material by getting it out there as much as I can. We have a number of groups interested and ready to begin training.

In my role as Church Army’s CEO I have the opportunity to connect with and learn from many Australian Christians with gifts and passion in evangelism. Through these connections we are developing The Matt Nine network encouraging mutual prayer, support as well as sharing of expertise and resources. The network brings together those traditionally part of Church Army and those who are active and effective now in Australia sharing faith with people who have no previous experience of church.

The prayers and help of our supporters are vital as we find ways to do this work with our limited pool of resources. We would love to hear from you. Do you have a group that would like to participate in training? Are you an experienced evangelist with stories to share who would like to equip others? Do you have skills in administration, web publication, management or mentoring you would like to offer? Pick up the phone or drop me a line. Together we can make the most of the decades of expertise and passion in evangelism that Church Army has to contribute to the Australian church.

Judy Douglas (CEO)